A car engulfed in flames in front of the French embassy in Tripoli. Photo by @Eh4b10.
A car bomb exploded in front of the French embassy in Tripoli, Libya on Tuesday morning, injuring two guards. Observers on the scene sent us photos and videos taken just moments after the explosion.
While the motives were not immediately clear, French president François Hollande denounced this as an attack not only against France, but “all countries in the international community engaged in fighting terrorism."
This video, sent by one of our Libyan Observers, was filmed just minutes after the attack.
This photo shows the remains of the car in which a bomb was detonated. Photo taken by one of our Observers.
The car’s engine. Photo by one of our Observers.
A crowd gathered at the spot where the car exploded. Photo by @Eh4b10.
The street on which the embassy is located. Photo taken by @Eh4b10 moments after the explosion.
The explosion damaged the embassy. Photo by @Eh4b10.
Firemen on the scene. Photo by @Eh4b10.
A crowd in front of the embassy. Photo by @Eh4b10.