Ukraine is dealing with the aftermath of a massive blizzard, during which a month's worth of snow fell in just 24 hours.  Residents of the capital Kiev have been using their cameras and mobile phones to capture the ensuing chaos.
On Saturday, when 50 centimetres of snow fell on Kiev, Ukrainian authorities declared a state of emergency. Soldiers have been dispatched to help get the struggling public transport system up and running again.
In this video, an armoured vehicle tugs a truck.
Here, another armoured vehicle is less successful.
Residents struggled to dig out their cars, some of which were nearly entirely buried in snow.
Some people ditched their cars entirely and brought out their snowboards.
Others managed to combine the two for a quicker ride.
City skiing became a popular pastime as well.
And those who did risk driving found out that it’s best to stay away from the snow-clearing crews, as you can see halfway through this video.
Meanwhile, there has been quite a bit of criticism directed at the city’s cleanup efforts after a photo posted on the city administration’s website showing a snowplough turned out to actually have been taken in Moscow. (A city spokeswoman apologised for the “regrettable technical mistake).
Screen grab of the city administration's website before the photo was taken down.
Heavy snowfall is expected to continue paralysing much of Ukraine for the next few days.
Post written by FRANCE 24 journalist Gaelle Faure (@gjfaure).