When Yan Linkun misses his plane, it’s best to stay out of his way.
This video, uploaded to the video-sharing website Tencent Video, shows a man being informed he has just missed his flight at the Changshuiaiport in Kunming, southwestern China, after he had gone to get breakfast. Livid with rage, the jilted passenger attempts to break the window leading out to the tarmac, then goes on to destroy computers in the terminal while bemused airport employees watch with astonishment.
The man begins to get angry at 1 minute 10 seconds into the video, and then destroys everything he can get his hands on. Video uploaded on Tercent.
The man can be heard yelling at the airport personnel: “Do you know who I am?” As it turns out, he, Yan Linkun,  was a member of the Chinese Political Consultative Conference, an assembly that advises the Chinese government before votes on laws and decrees. He has since been suspended from his position.
In October 2012, another incident in a Chinese airport was discussed widely online. Disgruntled passengers held an entire flight crew hostage for six hours at the Pudong airport in Shanghai after their flight had been diverted because of heavy fog.