“They whipped us and beat us; they pulled me by the hair”, explains this 12-year-old child. Screenshot from a video by Mosireen.
Mosireen, a website run by Egyptian activists, has published a video compiling the interviews of several children who say they were tortured during their arrest and detention in prison.
The victims are between the ages of 12 and 17. Most of the children say they were beaten by police officers before being imprisoned. The children also explain the brutal treatment they suffered behind bars.
Zeid Taysian Mohammad Ahmad, 12 years old
A policeman threatened to cut my throat with a knife. He told me that if I didn’t tell him the truth, he would decapitate me and throw my head into the sea, and that nobody would ever find out what happened to me.
Islam Khaled Eid, 17 years old
They made us get out of the truck and began to beat us. They made us sit on the ground and took off all our clothes. We waited there for an hour, then they threw buckets of water on us […]. We were kept there for four days without any food.
To watch the video with English subtitles, click the "captions" icon on the bottom of the player. Subtitles by Mosireen.
More and more children are taking part in anti-government protests in Egypt. According to lawyers working with minors, several hundred children, some as young as 9, were arrested by the police and imprisoned following the January 25 protests marking the second anniversary of the Egyptian revolution.