In a video that recently surfaced online, 21 people can be spotted fare dodging at a busy Shanghai subway station in just 90 seconds. It’s rather easy: all they have to do is duck under the turnstiles.
Count them: this video captures 21 people ducking under the turnstiles in just a minute and a half at Shanghai’s Longyang station.
The video has gained lots of attention on Chinese social networking sites, as fare-dodging is a major problem in Shanghai. According to the Global Times, the company that runs the subway system estimates that it loses 11,000 yuan (about 1,315 euros) to fare-dodgers every day. Last year, they caught more than 202,000 fare dodgers, issuing them fines totalling more than 476,000 yuan (about 56,930 euros) – but not enough to dissuade the practice.
The video prompted the company to send 40 employees into the subway dressed as passengers on Tuesday. According to the Shanghaiist, they caught 128 fare-dodgers and 42 young people using senior passes in just an hour and a half.