Supporters of the Cairo football club Al-Ahly organised a series of protests on Wednesday to demand justice for the dozens of people who were killed last year during clashes with fans of an opposing team in Port Said.
The Ultras, as the Al-Alhy supporters are called, are convinced that the violence was the result of a plot against them by the military, due their support for the revolutionaries that overthrew former president Hosni Mubarak.
After demonstrating in front of the capital’s stock exchange, the Ultras went down into the Saad Zaghloul subway station, located near the Interior ministry, and blocked the rails.
In the afternoon, Ultras also stopped traffic by blocking one of Cairo’s main bridges.
A court case is currently underway to determine how to punish the Port Said assailants. Most of the victims were Al-Ahly supporters; the club is demanding that the sentences, which are expected to be handed out on Saturday, be a severe one.