The scene, filmed by a surveillance camera, is brief but violent. It takes place in a street in Tehran, as the taxis’ license plates indicate, and shows a man being mugged by four other men.
The man is standing in the street, apparently waiting for someone or something, when four men arrive on two motorbikes. Two of the men jump off and grab his bag and also try to take his jacket. The man fights back, but stops when he sees one of his attackers brandish a long knife. Meanwhile, cars drive by as if nothing were wrong, except for a taxi that slows down, but quickly drives off when the knife-wielding attacker threatens him. This attacker then swings at his victim with his knife before he and his friends drive off on the motorbikes.
Video published on YouTube on December 1 by آزادی ایران
It is very difficult to obtain any statistics on crime in Iran. The Iranian authorities say that it has dropped over the past decade. In October, police chief Esmayeel Ahamdi Moqaddam claimed that the number of murders in Iran was ten times lower than in Europe. Recently, another video showing a violent attack created outrage in Iran after it was broadcast on state television.