New Yorkers aren’t particularly well known for their kindness to strangers – or to homeless people. So when a tourist in New York City’s Times Square saw a police officer offer boots to a barefoot homeless man, she was so touched that she discreetly snapped a photo with her mobile phone. Later, she sent the picture to the New York Police Department, who posted it on its Facebook page. The post quickly went viral, garnering thousands of “likes” and comments.
Photo by Jennifer Foster, who was visiting New York City from Arizona. Published on the New York Police Department's Facebook page
According to the New York Times, the officer, Lawrence DePrimo, was working a counterterrorism post on a cold November night when he spotted a man with blisters on his bare feet. He asked his shoe size and soon returned with a pair of warm winter boots he had bought with his own money. The officer, who was not named on Facebook, was shocked to find out he had become an Internet hero, and told the Times he had kept the receipt for the boots in his jacket ever since that night to remind himself that “sometimes people have it worse.”