Residents of the US Gulf Coast who feared a repeat of Hurricane Katrina were relieved to see Hurricane Isaac downgraded to a tropical storm on Wednesday. Still, it caused quite a headache in low-lying areas of Mississippi and Louisiana, forcing thousands to evacuate their homes. Many locals filmed Isaac’s wrath on their mobile devices.
Isaac arrived in the New Orleans area seven years to the day after Hurricane Katrina hit the city, killing 1,800 people. But this time, the hurricane was not as strong, and New Orleans was equipped with a 14.5 billion dollar new levee system, which appears to have worked as planned. However, rural areas outside the city were swamped, stranding dozens of people who had to be rescued by emergency personnel.
President Barack Obama declared both Mississippi and Louisiana major disaster areas, freeing up emergency funds to help them in their recovery effort. Isaac is expected to continue to decrease in power on Thursday and move inland over the next few days, bringing much-needed rain to central US states after a long period of drought.
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A man films high flood waters from the roof of his gas station in Braithwaite, Louisiana.
The National Guard helps rescue citizens in Braithwaite, Louisiana.
The National Guard patrols a flooded highway near Kiln, Mississippi.
This video was filmed from a McDonald’s in Long Beach, Mississippi.
Flooding, downed trees and some fun in the wind in Ponchartrain, near New Orleans, Louisiana.
It was hard to tell where the ocean stopped and the flooding began in the coastal town of Coden, Alabama.
A flooded street in downtown Mobile, Alabama.