In an effort to fight back against mounting gun violence, the New Jerusalem Baptist Church in Queens, New York, hosted a gun buy-back on August 18, where community members were invited to turn in their arms in exchange for a $200 (about 160 euros) gift card. The haul: 509 weapons.
The event is a no-questions-asked affair. No one will inquire if a gun is legal or not, and it doesn’t matter if someone walks in with a BB gun or a sawed-off shotgun. The only thing that fluctuates is the amount of cash the weapon can be traded in for.
According to a New York Police Department spokesperson, this year’s gun buy-back in Queens attracted some “notable weapons”, including one AK47.
All photos courtesy of the NYPD.
This is not the first time a gun buy-back event has been held in one of New York City’s boroughs. In fact, the city has “recovered” 8,200 weapons since the city-wide programme first began.