Screen grab of Manila's Marikina river bursting its banks. Image taken from video posted on Youtube byalbert7673
With half of the Philippine’s capital already submerged in water, further heavy rain is expected in Manila. Severe flooding has brought the sprawling city of 15 million people to an utter standstill, forcing schools and offices to close. As the death toll from the floods rose to 16 on Tuesday, authorities urged Manila’s residents to take precautions for their safety. The flooding comes on the heels of seasonal monsoons and Typhoon Saola, which struck the capital and surrounding regions a little over a week ago, killing at least another 50 people.

Flooding in Manila’s Novaliches neighbourhood
Video posted on YouTube by  pussycatlover26.
Rescue workers travel by boat to reach heavily flooded areas
Video posted on YouTube byme5ann.
Many of the Philippines’ Internet users took to social networking websites to post images of the flooding or to thank rescue workers for their efforts.