A passenger on an Iran Air flight got an unpleasant – and smelly – surprise when she realised waste was leaking from the plane’s toilets all over the floor. She filmed the scene with her mobile phone, and posted the footage online “to show how well Iran’s aviation industry is doing.”
The stains on the ground are clearly visible toward the end of the video (starting at 1’20), which was published on YouTube on Saturday.
The passenger filming narrates the scene: “If you can look closely, you can see the deck is completely dark and wet. Why? Because the sewage is running from the toilets, from here (she tilts her camera) all the way to me. All the passengers’ bags under their seats are wet and dirty …Passengers are now trying to find ways to clean their bags.”
She captures a conversation between several other passengers:
“Your bag also got wet?”
“The sewage is running everywhere!”
“Here, too!”
The video’s narrator continues, “This is how Iran Air welcomes us to the country!”
Iran Air, officially known as the Airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is the country’s national airline. The European Union, citing safety concerns, has placed many of Iran Air’s planes on its blacklist.