Nearly 11,000 people were evacuated from their homes Sunday in Colorado, where firefighters are battling some of the worst wildfires in a decade. About twenty houses and a thousand acres went up in smoke over the weekend. The fires continue to threaten densely-populated urban centres.
The video below shows a fire growing in Estes Park, near the famous Rocky Mountain National Park. The footage shows the fire engulfing entire trees before spreading to a trailer park.  
Video published on YouTube by Sniz Vecto on Sunday.
Here are some of the most striking moments in this long video:
At 6'40 - Four fire trucks and two ambulances arrive at the scene.
8'00 - "It looks like the fire is spreading to another house!" says the person filming. 
10'30 - The camera zooms on a house on fire. 
The Colorado Springs Fire Department also posted several photos of the wildfires:
The video below, filmed from a hillside, shows several forest fires surrounding the city of Colorado Springs. 
Video published on YouTube byethanbeute on Monday.
In this video, fire department helicopters try to put out fires near Rocky Mountain National Park:
Video published on YouTube bykmwilson383 on Saturday.
The large amounts of smoke and ash in the sky have created striking sunsets in the region:
Video posted on YouTube bySMIshroomery321 on Sunday.