As voting for the first round of Egypt’s presidential election comes to a close, we've rounded up the most humorous and offbeat pictures published on social networks.
An activist published this photo, below, of a man trying to get into a polling booth – on a donkey!
A water vendor casting his ballot.
A voter drew a heart next to the picture of his candidate.
“All these guys are voting for the candidate Abul Haz Hariri” (In fact, these men are all Abul Haz Hariri...)
“This destinies of Egyptian kings and presidents throughout history. Who will go next?”
(On the right side is a list of pharaohs, kings and presidents; on the right, the ways in which they died (poisoned, drowned, assassinated, and once again poisoned, for former president Hosni Mubarak)
A sphinx showing a finger covered in ink after voting.
In chess, the knight (here, Islamist candidate Aboul Foutouh) is the only piece that can slay pawns. This photomontage suggests that Aboul Foutouh is the only candidate who will be able to control the army.