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On Sunday, French voters chose Socialist François Hollande to replace Nicolas Sarkozy as the president of their country. Hollande’s supporters quickly took to the streets – and to social networks – to celebrate his victory, often in humorous ways.
Hollande garnered 51.6 percent of the runoff vote, becoming the first Socialist to win a presidential election since François Mitterrand in 1988.
In the photo below, Hollande and his team watch the results in the central city of Tulle, located in the department of Correze. He has served as president of Correze's general council since 2008.
Photo posted to Facebook by Frédéric Monteil.
After giving his victory speech, Hollande hopped on a plane to Paris, where he joined his supporters at a packed Place de la Bastille, the left’s traditional rallying point. In this video, the crowd sings France's national anthem.
Video published on YouTube by Arjan Ackerman.
Supporters wrote their wishes and hopes for the president-elect on numerous signs.
The sign reads, "For a calmer France." Photo published on Twitter by Laure Bretton.
"Bravo, now get to work." Photo published on Twitter by Laure Equy.
There were also signs aimed at Sarkozy. This one turns his famous insult against him – translated politely, it reads, “Get lost, you bloody idiot.”
Photo published on Twitter by Laetitia Pariset.
No, the Place de la Bastille did not catch fire – the bright glare seen in many photos circulating online is due simply to strong lights reflected on celebratory smoke flares.
Photo published on Twitter by Corentin Segalen.
Social networks, too, were abuzz with excitement. “L’humour de Droite” (Right-wing humour”) tweeted: “Tonight, France will go to bed late.” This was a play on Sarkozy’s famous phrase about hard-working citizens: “the France that gets up early.”
Others joked that the president-elect had become "mayor" of the presidential palace on FourSquare.
This photograph did the rounds on Facebook: it shows someone feeding Sarkozy’s image a “Flanby,” which is a kind of flan. Hollande has been mocked on French television as being a Flanby, that is, as being soft.
Photo posted on Facebook by Crumb Magazine and many others.
A French supermarket employee had a bit of fun placing “President” brand camembert cheese next to Flanbys.
Photo posted on Facebook.This photo was first published on social networks several days before the election.
Others wished Sarkozy “Goodbye Lenain,” a play on the film “Goodbye Lenin.” This had nothing to do with Sarkozy’s politics, but rather his appearance: “Le nain” means “the midget” in French.
Photo posted on Facebook
While half of France was celebrating, across the channel, British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (of “Borat” fame) took the time to wish Hollande good luck – this time in his “Dictator” persona.

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