Sergei Mokhnatkin was arrested in December 2009 during an opposition rally and was accused of breaking a police officer’s nose. His lawyer, however, claims that his client was there by accident and was trying to help a woman who was being beaten up by the police. Mokhnatkin was nonetheless sentenced to two and a half years in prison. On April 25, he was freed after being pardoned by president Dmitri Medvedev.
In prison, Mokhnatkin adopted an abandoned cat with a missing leg that he named Tsiga. When the time came to leave his cell however, prison authorities refused to let him take the cat. So now, having campaigned for Mokhnatkin’s liberation, some Russian Internet users have launched a campaign for his cat to go free.
All the images below were posted online to ask for “freedom for Mokhnatin’s cat.”

Post written with freelance journalist Ostap Karmodi.