Amateur videos filmed Thursday inside a JetBlue flight from New York City to Las Vegas show the plane’s captain being pinned to the ground after he started acting erratically. 
The captain was locked out of the cockpit by his co-pilot, who had noticed he was acting in a strange manner. Passengers on the flight said the captain then ran up and down the aisle then banged on the cockpit’s door. Some of them said he yelled “They're going to take us down!" and "Say your prayers!"
Several passengers quickly tackled him to the ground. The co-pilot made an emergency landing in Amarillo, Texas, where the captain was taken to a local medical facility.
This video shows the commotion that took place inside the plane. Video posted to YouTube by pupunizo.
Passengers pinning the captain to the ground. Video posted to YouTube by Gavriel Gavrilov and Allen Dukat.
In a statement, the airline said the plane’s captain was suffering from a medical condition and was receiving treatment. The FBI is coordinating an investigation into the matter.
This incident came just a few weeks after an American Airlines flight attendant was taken off a plane before takeoff, after she started yelling about 9/11 and her fears the plane would crash.