Across the continent, Europeans are shivering due to freezing temperatures, particularly in Eastern Europe, which has been hit by a vicious Siberian cold front.
Ukrainians have seen temperatures of minus 33 degrees Celcius in the Carpathians, and minus 27 in the capital Kiev. In Estonia, temperatures fell to minus 30. Remote villages in Serbia and Bosnia have been cut off from the world, forcing helicopters to brings them food and supplies.
This Arctic weather has inspired many people to film their icy surroundings. Here’s our pick of their most striking videos.
In Poland, a man demonstrates how cold it is by throwing boiling water into the air - and watching it instantly freeze and dissolve.
In Finland, a driver's dashboard shows it's minus 29 degrees Celcius outside. Video courtesy of Tykkimiehet.
A car is forced to act more like a snowplow in Serbia.
The Black Sea is frozen in Ukraine.
Still in Ukraine, one swimmer briefly braves the ice-caked Black Sea.
Helicopters deliver supplies to Ivanjica, a snowed-in village in central Serbia. Video courtesy ofMarko Randjic.