Photo of the police truck that Senegalese Web users accuse of running over a protester on Tuesday evening. Courtesy of our Observer, Boombastic Plo.
On Tuesday afternoon, hundreds of people gathered in the centre of Dakar to protest against president Abdoulaye Wade’s bid for a third term in office. The demonstration gave way to clashes with the authorities during the evening; one protester was killed.
Clashes had already erupted in Senegal on January 27, when the country’s constitutional council announced that the current president could run for a third time. In the capital, a policeman was killed and several buildings were set on fire. On Monday, two people were killed in the northern city of Podor during a protest by students.
Here are Tuesday’s events, as captured in amateur videos.
The beginning of the demonstration in Dakar.

Later in the evening, clashes erupt in the centre of the city.

The wounded are evacuated by the Red Cross.

A police truck tries to disperse a crowd of protesters by driving straight at it. Protesters say the truck ran over and killed a young person. The authorities have denied this.