A Nigerian army website was hacked by cyber activists Monday as protests against a hike in fuel prices continue.
The hackers’ message was clear: stop clamping down on protesters. On Monday morning, President Goodluck Jonathan announced new measures to bring fuel prices down; meanwhile, soldiers set up roadblocks near protest sites in a bid to put a definitive end to the unrest. At least 15 people have been killed since the protests broke out two weeks ago.
For several hours, the Nigerian Army Education Corps’ official website read:
“We the great people of Nigeria ask for nothing but your immediate evacuation from our streets. We shall not fold our arms and watch you harass innocent protesters. Please tackle Boko Haram [a militant Islamist group behind a wave of recent bomb attacks] and leave innocent protesters alone.”
A group calling itself Naija Cyber Hacktivists claimed responsibility for the hacking, and publicised the news via a Twitter account.
The Army Education Corps’ website is currently down for maintenance.
Screengrab of the Army Education Corps' website on Monday morning.