The Costa Concordia, a luxury cruise liner, ran aground Friday night off the coast of Tuscany. At least six people died and 15 are still missing after the Italian vessel’s hull struck a bed of rocks when it cruised too close to Giglio Island.
Passengers described scenes of panic as many scrambled to reach the lifeboats, while others reportedly jumped into the water.
In the wake of the disaster, Pier Luigi Foschi, CEO and chairman of Costa Crociere, which owns the Costa Concordia, blamed the incident on the ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino, saying he had deviated off-course, bringing the vessel too close to shore. Schettino has been arrested and faces possible charges of manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and abandoning ship.
In the video below, the ship has already lost electricity. One crew member announces in Portuguese that everything is alright, and that the vessel is simply experiencing a technical problem. The person filming asks a staff member on the boat why he’s wearing an emergency life vest if everything is okay.
Video posted on YouTube by RaiNews24.
A passenger tweets images of the shipwreck
The three images below were posted on Twitter by@Puljac, who says the photos were taken after the alarm sounded on the Costa Concordia. Chaos reigned as the ship’s passengers tried to evacuate the liner. According to @Puljac, a number of the vessel’s lifeboats were not working properly.
This image was taken from the lifeboat, just a few metres away from the shipwreck:
From the safety of land:
In another video, passengers jump into lifeboats as they evacuate the Costa Concordia:
Video courtesy of the website Il Secolo.
This time lapse video shows the shipwreck just off of Italy’s Giglio island:
Video posted on YouTube by Timelapsestudio. Images courtesy of