Just days before the Russian parliamentary elections, a worker for Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party was thrown into Saint Petersburg’s Moyka River by three men. This incident was captured in amateur photos and videos, published both on an opposition blog and on Russian news portal Neva24.
United Russia’s spokesperson denounced the November 30 incident as a “staged provocation” aimed at making it look like the Russian people hate the ruling party. According to the party, another United Russia worker was beaten and robbed of his leaflets on the same day, also in Saint Petersburg.
These are not the first attacks on United Russia employees. In March, twelve were beaten in the city of Perm. And in September, United Russia supporters riding a party train were beaten as they went through the city of Barnaul.
Partial election results show United Russia took slightly less than 50 percent of votes Sunday, winning the lower house but still risking losing its majority. Opposition activists complained of voting irregularities.
All photos published on Cherno Sliv's blog.