Silly, amazing or shocking things happen every day, all over the world – and in our era of video phones and high-speed internet, chances are they’ll be caught on camera and broadcast across the globe.

Thanks to her father's quick reflexes, a toddler survived a motorcycle accident without a scratch.
A surveillance tape shows the collision between two trains and a bus in Buenos Aires on September 13. Eleven people were killed and 212 injured.
These images were filmed Thursday on the western coast of Norway, near the city of Alesund. A fire broke out in a cruise ship's engine room. Two staff members were killed; 240 people were evacuated.
This surveillance video shows an 85-year-old woman driving her Cadillac right through a bicycle store, just barely missing shoppers. The driver, who was trying to park in a handicapped spot, put her foot on the wrong pedal.
In Kiev, Ukraine, four youths climbed the Moscow bridge, 199 metres above ground. The climbers were not attached, nor did they use any kind of equipment. One of them even wore sandals.

In Lamu, on the coast of Kenya, one man has undertaken a curious task: he's building a boat entirely out of plastic bottles. See more photos at Afrigadget.