"Beginning of the Great Revival" circled in red.
According to the blogger who posted these images, these cinema tickets reveal a lot about the Chinese government’s propaganda tactics.
Photos courtesy of the blog Weibo.
On these three tickets, a machine has printed the name of the film “Beginning of the Great Revival”, a patriotic epic honouring the Chinese Communist Party, which celebrated its 90th anniversary in July. On careful inspection of the tickets however, one can see that the original title is scratched out by hand and that the title of another film, such as “Kung Fu Panda”, is then scrawled on. According to a Chinese blogger, this practice is all a part of a scheme to increase the number of tickets sold for “Beginning of the Great Revival”.
The spokesperson of China Film Group Corporation, which produced “Beginning of the Great Revival”, has said that the company is unaware of these practices.
However, Internet users have put forth a different explanation for the trafficked tickets. In May, Gao Jun, one of the organisers of the New Film Association Co. Ltd, a film distribution company based in Beijing, reported knowing that “Imported films like Transformers III, will not be released until ‘Beginning of the Great Revival’ reaches 800 million yuan in revenues”.
Some cinema theatres, worried that they will not be able to project this summer’s foreign blockbusters such as Transformers III and the final segment of the Harry Potter series, have therefore chosen to artificially boost the number of sales for the Chinese Communist Party’s cinematic darling, “Beginning of the Great Revival”.
Film poster for “Beginning of the Great Revival”.
Story found on Ministry of Tofu.