Customers and employees of a department store in the eastern coastal city of Yokohama rush down the stairs to evacuate the building during the March 11 earthquake.
The devastating earthquake that struck the north-eastern coast of Japan on March 11 has left the country grappling with what Prime Minister Naoto Kan has described as its most serious crisis since World War Two. We bring you a selection of the most striking amateur videos shot during the quake and the ensuing tsunami that ravaged the eastern shoreline.
The number of casualties has risen dramatically as rescue workers search for survivors in the tsunami-battered region north of Tokyo. More than 2,000 bodies were found on Monday in two eastern coastal towns, but with tens of thousands still reported missing, the government fears that the total death toll could exceed 10,000.
But much of the attention has shifted to a possible radiation leak at the Fukushima nuclear complex, 240 km north of Tokyo, where explosions have damaged two reactors and fuel rods have been exposed at a third reactor.
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 View of the earthquake from the top of Tokyo Tower
Professor Carlos Asarta of the University of Nebraska in the US was at the top of Tokyo Tower  (which, at 332 meters,  is taller than Paris' Eiffel Tower) when the earthquake struck. He shot this video, which was posted on his University’s YouTube page. Asarta later explained in a video that he initially “thought it was just the wind”.
The tsunami sweeps past Sendai Airport
The tsunami that struck the north-eastern coast of Japan following the quake flowed directly under the glass-panelled façade of Sendai’s International Airport. Video posted on YouTube by  jack19661221.
Emergency evacuation at a department store in Yokohama
A customer filmed his emergency evacuation from a department store in the eastern coastal city of Yokohama. Video published on YouTube by VideosJapon.
A swaying skyscraper in Tokyo
Many modern Japanese high-rises are built to sway gently during earthquakes so as to withstand the pressure. This architectural feature was caught on camera in the busy commercial neighbourhood of Shinjuku, in eastern Tokyo. Video shot by Ayumu Dokizono and published on YouTube by Escot2008.
The tsunami reaches the coastal town of Iwaki
Iwaki is one of several coastal towns that was almost entirely engulfed by the March 11 Tsunami. The following footage shows the surging waters entering the town. Video posted on YouTube by Busacky.
In Erimo’s flooded harbour
Erimo is a small town located on the southern tip of the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Its harbour was entirely flooded following the March 11 tsunami. Video posted on YouTube by Eyuyu
Sewer waters overflow in the streets of Ursayu
The earthquake caused sewage waters to overflow in the streets of Urasayu, a city in the prefecture of Chiba and home to Disneyland Tokyo. Video published on YouTube by Yukinojo7.

Warning sirens in Odawara
Video shot in the south-eastern city of Odawara and published on YouTube by Kaztima109.
Travellers in Tokyo-Haneda airport remain perfectly calm during the quake
Video shot on Friday in the Tokyo-Haneda International Airport. Posted on YouTube by  Thaid2.
Trains rock on their tracks at Fukushima station
Video shot during the earthquake in Fukushima's train station. Published on YouTube by 8647216.
Post written with France 24 journalist Paul Larrouturou.