The Israeli Army's interception of a flotilla of boats heading to Gaza with 10,000 tonnes of aid has dismayed locals in the strip. One of them, a student from Gaza City, says that people are already heading out to protest against the attack.

The three cargo and three passenger ships were in international waters when Israeli soldiers stormed the vessels at 4:30am in order to stop them from reaching Gaza. Israel's army, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), says its soldiers were met with gunfire, after which they fired back, killing at least 10 people (unconfirmed) and injuring dozens.

In the Gaza Strip, the population has woken to the news that the ships will not be delivering the essential aid. The Palestinian territory has lived under an Israeli embargo ever since the Islamist group Hamas took power there four years ago.

“Calls for protests are everywhere on the internet and it looks like people are already setting out”

Lina is an English literature student at the Islamic University of Gaza.

Like the rest of the world we haven't heard anything from the activists since the Israelis cut their signal. We were getting Twitter and Facebook updates and people were sending texts but then they all disappeared and now the only thing we can do is watch Al Jazeera like everyone else.

The anger here is everywhere. I really hope that people turn that anger into action on the streets by protesting. Calls for protests are everywhere on the internet and it looks like people are already setting out to show their support.

The aid itself wouldn't have been much help considering the dire lack of resources we have anyway. It was more of a symbolic gesture from the activists. What we're lacking here in Gaza is more than food and medicine, it's freedom. And what the boats were really trying to show was solidarity.

The only good that can come of this is if other countries use it as a reason to reprimand Israel and put pressure on the government. There must be consequences."

The interception in amateur images

Video footage from the live stream of one of the boats, the Mavi Mamara. Other images filmed by activists on the boat. See the full video here.

The interception in thermal images

The Israeli Defense Forces released these thermal images, filmed from a helicopter, on Monday afternoon.