This video, posted online this afternoon, had already been seen by tens of thousands of people on YouTube before it was removed a few hours later (for reasons unknown).

The footage, of a man holding up a baby at a Red Shirt barricade, proved particularly popular with the state media unit set up specifically to deal with the crisis, who employed it as confirmation that the Red Shirts were willing to go as far as sacrificing their babies to win the battle against the government.

The footage was shot at 2pm local time from behind a Red Shirt barricade at the Bon Kai intersection on Rama 4 road. According to “FreakingCat”, our Observer who filmed the video, the man holding the child is shouting “we’ll fight to our deaths!”

Read how FreakingCat manages to work alongside the Red Shirts at their barricades.

Thirty-seven people have been killed in the Thai capital in the past five days.