UPDATE - 21/04/2010: Our Observers in Iran inform us that the English version of France24.com is accessible once again. We remain uncertain as to why we were originally blocked on April 2, or why the block has now been lifted.

Our Observers also noted however that as of yesterday, Google Images has been made inaccessible.

April 2, France 24.com blocked in Iran

According to several of our Observers, the France 24 website has been blocked in Iran. Journalist from the Observers website, Sophie Pilgrim explains.

Below, the page that appears when Iranians try to access France 24. The message is surprising.

Firstly, the censurers wish you a happy new year.

Just below, there's an email address which you're invited to contact if you're not happy about the censorship.

Next, they explain that while they've blocked the page, you are able to visit a number of other sites instead of the one you were hoping to access.

The list includes sites where you can inform yourself about the Koran, the addresses of state news sites, and even... cookery websites.