Two Canadian teachers who performed a lap dance in front of pupils in Winnipeg have been suspended after a camera phone video of the act was posted on YouTube.

The one-minute dance was performed by a male and a female teacher during a pep rally at Churchill High School on Feb. 17. Most of the 14- to 18-year-old pupils at the scene cheer on the pair -- except for one, who turns to the camera and says "that is wrong!"

The footage was posted online by a 14-year-old pupil, who entitled it "Two Teachers One Chair". It became an immediate hit, but also attracted the attention of parents; one of which complained to the school. On Wednesday, the teachers involved were told not to return to work. The incident is being investigated by the local school authorities, who will decide what action to take against the teachers. The clip, meanwhile, is still online and thoroughly popular -- it has now been seen over 612,000 times on YouTube and sparked debate in both Canada and abroad. Did the teachers overstep the line? Was the show harmless fun or irresponsible?

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Posted by “welove296” Feb. 23, 2010.