After the summer break, the new Observers TV show is back for its fourth edition. Many thanks to all the Observers who participated: Serigne Diagne, Sandra Miller, Ahmed Al-Omran and Serge.

Presentation: Derek Thomson. Editorial team: Julien Pain, Sophie Pilgrim, Ségolène Malterre, Tatiana El Khoury.

Story 1 - GABON :

It’s been three months since Omar Bongo’s death and many Gabonese are furious… at France. These protesters in Paris are angry because his son Ali Bongo has been elected to succeed him. They say the election was rigged and France – an old friend of the Bongo family - was behind it.


Story 2 - SENEGAL:

It’s the rainy season in West Africa… Our Observer Serigne Diagne has been living through floods that have killed hundreds of people, across a dozen countries. He sent us this account.

OBSERVER: Serigne Diagne (also a member of RFI's media workshop, L'Atelier des médias)


This video of chicks being crushed to death was shot in June by a group called Mercy for Animals… at a factory farm in the American Midwest. The factory raises chicks to lay eggs… meaning the male chicks are useless. They’re put on a conveyor belt … and ground up… alive. The group says the factory kills nearly 200 million chicks every year.

OBSERVER: Sandra Miller


Ahmed tells us all about the art of wearing a "ghotra", the traditional Saudi head-dress...Just like wearing a tie, basically.

OBSERVER: Ahmed Al-Omran