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The following advert was produced by the Danish tourism agency VisitDenmark. After the video had received 800,000 hits in just four days, the agency removed it from YouTube on Monday following complaints that it promoted promiscuity and unprotected sex.

Posted on YouTube last Thursday (10 September), the video was not attributed to any agency, leaving viewers to believe that it was a genuine appeal. Danish TV channel TV2 has since clarified that the scene was staged and that the woman is an actress.

Before its removal, the video was criticised by Danish Economy Minister Lene Espersen, (who's also in charge of the country's tourism portfolio), for presenting "a not very well-thought-out picture of the country." Danish sociologist Karen Sjoerup said the ad suggested "you can lure fast, blonde Danish women home without a condom". On the Web meanwhile, the ad has been labelled sickening, stupid, and just plain weird.

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In response to Karen’s appeal

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“Most of the stuff on YouTube is fun; this however, is not”

Louise Kruckow, 22, is a law student from Copenhagen.

Between my friends we're pretty split over this. Half of us think it's ridiculous and a bad representation of Danish girls. Plus it's strange to use such a serious subject - and something that puts many girls in a difficult situation - to advertise tourism. Most of the stuff on YouTube is fun; this however, is not.

But there are also those who think that it shows how Danish girls are very open about their situation; what an honest and liberal society we live in; that women have the right to decide over having a baby without being embarrassed; that it's not a problem to have a baby without knowing the father; and that we're not pressured into having an abortion if that is the case.

My male friends think the ad would only scare guys away - it's a pretty frightening idea that if you come to Denmark you might get someone knocked up!

Personally I think it's a shame because as a somewhat outrageous joke it could be quite funny. If they had slapped a massive ‘Visit Denmark and have a good time' logo on the end, then we would have understood that they were making a big joke about the Danes' reputation as being easy. But if that was their intention, they failed. I'm not at all surprised that it got taken down. It's too late to turn it into a joke now."