One of our Observers alerted us to three videos published on the Internet, which show men stuffing ballot boxes with fake ballots during the Afghan election.

The videos were posted on Youtube by a user who goes by the name of "littlebird2010". They were recovered and made public by the campaign staff of Hamid Karzaï’s main political opponent, Abdullah Abdullah. Oddly enough, the people stuffing the boxes appear to know they are being filmed on two of the three videos. Contacted by FRANCE 24, an Abdullah aide explained that the videos were sent to them by “young supporters”. According to him, they were filmed by Afghans who pretended to go along with the fraud, which explains why they could film so closely. A member of the UN-backed Electoral Complaints Committee (ECC) confirmed that Abdullah Abdullah sent them the videos of the alleged Ghazni province fraud, adding that the commission had opened an investigation into their content.

Journalists and international observers present during the poll reported numerous irregularities and the ECC received over 2,000 complaints concerning alleged voter fraud. Preliminary results show outgoing president Hamid Karzai ahead with more than 50% of the vote. However, under Afghan law, final results cannot be officially announced until all the fraud complaints are examined. This could take more than a month, according to a US diplomat.

Alleged ballot-box stuffing in Ghazni (southern Afghanistan)

Videos published by "littlebird2010" on YouTube.

This video was reportedly shown on Afghan television.