Ali Bongo has just been declared winner of Sunday's presidential election. But his 41.73% majority is unlikely to go unchallenged. Yesterday, our Observer Adriankoto Harinjaka Ratozamanana spoke to Bongo's biggest opponent, Pierre Mamboundou, who said that he would not recognise the victory of late president Omar Bongo's son, who he considers "fraudulent".

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Ali Bongo opponents already dancing round his "coffin"

Adriankoto also sent us this video, filmed last night at Democracy Place, Peace Square, where opponents of Ali Ben Bongo gathered to protest his forecast victory.

Quotes from protesters in the video:
“The Gabonese don't want Ali anymore.”
“For us Ali is dead, we don't want him in power.”
“The Gabonese people want Mamboundou.”

“The figures given are figures fiddled with”

Adriankoto's interview with Pierre Mamboundou, filmed at Peace Square yesterday.

"The result that the electoral committee will give is not a result of the vote," he says. "Mr Ali Bongo can't have got 52%. The figures given are figures fiddled with. The Gabonese people are protesting their discontent."

When asked if he fears the worst, Mamboundou replies: "What do you think, that people with bare hands can kill policemen?"