It's holiday time Observers! That's why we're taking a little break from international affairs and offering you an assortment of the best holiday snaps posted on Flickr, compiled by our team.  

Send us a link to your favourite holiday photo along with an anecdote to go with it.

ETHIOPIA - Addis-Abeba

Out of sight, out of mind. For most people Ethiopia is famine, drought, pure desert... But in the Bale mountain range, south of capital Addis-Abeba, it's a very different story..."

MAJORCA - Porto Petro

Coco is a Majorcan parrot that I came across in Porto Petro. Coco blends into the background, but he knows how to make himself noticed. He'll remind you of his name on demand, if you ask him."


Returning to France after my first trip to Senegal - such a welcoming land - I tried to find a way to go back and make myself useful there. I got to know of the Astou association, a flower in the desert which gets volunteers involved with local organisations.   

Two months later I was back, helping out with an association which tries to raise awareness of sexual tourism, rape, and paedophilia. This photo was taken after a long day, full of emotion."

CHINA - Macao

Along the shaded back-alleys of Macao, between relics of Portuguese colonial times and flashing modern casinos, you come across humble temples, simple and largely unnoticed. Inside, the air is filled with so many smells that a mysterious fog lingers. Rays of sun break through this thick cloud, creating dancing pictures on the walls." 


Purah Tana Lot or ‘the temple of land and water' is the one which I was most touched by in Bali. Like a rock from heaven, it was built in the 16th century in order to pay homage to the spirits; guardians of the sea."


Midway from the hussle in Hanoi (north) and the bussle in Saigon (south), you'll come across Hoi Han. The heart of this incredible town has been saved from the ravages of war and modernity. Walking along the trodden earth streets lined with old houses dating back almost 500 years, exploring the markets where the fisherman come in with their catch, or taking tea on the banks of the river, you really feel as though you've gone back in time. In the evening, when coloured lamps light up the streets, the town takes on yet another dimension and you're taken to another place. Time stops in Hoi Han, preserving a historical heritage of rare beauty."