One of our Observers for Iran sent us this video. He says it shows Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad being heckled by the supporters of his main rival, reformer Mirhossein Mousavi.

Ahmadinejad arrives at 54:00.

Omid is an Iranian journalist. He lives in Switzerland.

These amateur images were shot today outside the University of Sharif in Tehran. As Mahmood Ahmadinejad enters his car, Mirhossein Mousavi's supporters openly insult him, calling him "liar" and "dictator". We cannot see Ahmadinejad as he is hidden in the car, but we can clearly see his son, in the forefront, who is trying to talk with students who salute their president with the ritual "Ahmadi-bye! bye! Ahmadi-bye! bye!" 

The scene gives us a glimpse of the intensity and the level of opposition of the Iranian presidential. This video was posted on the reformist party website a few minutes after the incident, which shows the active organisation of the opposition."