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In the past week I posted  a series of commentaries on my blog as well on The Observers, where I said openly that I gave Florence Cassez the benefit of the doubt of her innocence, but basically  the center of my commentaries was to expose the dark background of the man who is in charge of the Mexican federal police and to fight the organized crime, Genaro García Luna, with the only intention to give you more facts that would allow you a  better understanding of the situation that Florence Cassez is facing right now in Mexico.

A lot of the facts that I exposed, many of you, may seem beyond belief ,  but these are  reliable facts. These were known to the Mexican public opinion last November, when the book "The Accomplices of the President"(Los cómplices del presidente), written by the Mexican National Journalism Award 2002, Anable Hernández, came out for sell. Unfortunately many Mexicans don't even know about the book or they refused to accept  the veracity of what is stated there. The truth is that the book is well documented with reliable sources and until now any of what is expose there hasn't been denied by the people who is mention in this book.

In brief, the book reveals and puts in evidence the network of  complicity, corruption, traffic of influence of the two more trusted and closest collaborators of President Felipe Calderón. The late Minister of Interior, Juan Camilo Mouriño, -  who died on a plane crash in Mexico City on the night of November 4th 2008- and Genaro García Luna, Minister of Public Security.  The first one used his political position to benefit his family business and the second one in charge of fighting the organized crime is pointed out to have links with them.

Anabel Hernández recently published an article on the online magazine "Reporte Indigo" titled  "Simulation or justice? " where she narrates, base on Florence Cassez case file (PGR/SIEDO/UEIS/190/2005), that Reporte Indigo had access to, the first ministerial testimonies of the victims during and after there captivity, including the former boyfriend of Florence Cassez, Israel Vallarta, where it apparently demonstrates her innocence.

The following are  some parts of the transcript of  Anabel Hernández article that I found very revealing.


The AFI pressured Cristina, the hostage mom

... She also narrate the moment of her rescue. Her testimony leaves in evidence that the AFI deceived her.

... in that moment I open my eyes and I noticed  that the person hooded had a uniform with the acronyms of the AFI, immediately they took us out of the house and they aboard us to an AFI patrol and they brought us to this office; while we were aboard on the patrol  I notice two person faced toward the wall, a man and a blond woman; learned by one of the police man, that these persons where detained in the house where we were in captivity, but I ignore the participation that they had in my abduction", declared Cristina.

However, the AFI lied, because Florence Cassez was detained, according with the file case, while traveling on a car in the highway Mexico- Cuernavaca.

During the present diligence I saw the persons that now I have knowledge that their names correspond to Israel Vallarta Cisnero and Marie Luise Cassez Crepin, and after observing them carefully I manifest  that I don't know these persons and it's the first time I see them, that's because the persons detained that I saw in the security house, they were giving me their back, but they wore the same cloths. I also heard articulate some words and I manifest that I don't recognized  their voices, that is because the voices of my different captors was more hoarse and I consider that they always fake it. I also want to point out that I never saw physically my captors, so it would be difficult for me to identify physically and I am aware by the AFI agents that these persons that they detained are two of my kidnappers, for which I claim the crime of unlawful deprivation of liberty in the form of kidnapping committed toward my person and grievance to my youngest son, Cristian Hilario Ramírez Ríos and I proceed against Israel Vallarta and  Marie Luise Cassez Crepin and who or whom found responsible", stated the victim to  the public prosecutor.

...The minor Cristian Hilario, assisted by an lawyer and accompanied by his father, also presented his declaration on December 9th 2005. He did recognized fully Israel Vallarta, because of his voice as the "chief" of the gang, that is because he was the one who gave the orders.

Likewise he pointed out the person by the name of  Florence Marie Louise Cassez Crepin, did not recognized  her neither physically  nor the voice", stated the minor. [..]


Israel confession

...According to Israel Vallarta testimony he started getting fully involve with the gang and recognized to have participated in six kidnappings. His role was taking care of the victims and talking to them "to calm them down". That's how he met Cristina Ríos Valladares and his son Cristian in Octuber 2005, whom he talk to them frequently.

He also admitted to have met  Ezequiel Yadir, but he couldn't talk to him, because "Salustio" told him that it was a personal affaire  with the former partner of the business. He was referring to Ezequiel father, Enrique Elizalde Menchaca.

According to  his declaration, when Eustaquio, one of the partners de "Sagitario", he wanted to put pressure to the victims family by mutilating the hostages, he defended them, which cause the anger of the members of the gang.

" get out of the problem with Salustio, he told me if I really love them so much these victims why don't I take them to my house, that's the reason why since two weeks ago (by end of November 2005) in company of Salustio, we transfer Mrs. Cristina and he sons Cristian to my house", stated  the ministerial statement.

Later on they brought in Ezquiel Yadir Elizalde, stated that he had the three in the house which he rented in Las Chinitas Ranch.

It should be clarify at the back of the ranch is where I live, I have a small cottage,  in which about three months ago, my girlfriend by the name of Florence Marie Luise Cassez Crepin, which I have know her approximately a year ago, when I run into her on an elevator, same one which currently she spends all t day working in a hotel by the name of Fiesta Americana of Polanco, reason for which she didn't had knowledge that I had people kidnapped inside my house".

The article is very long, about five pages, but the essence of it reveals once again the intervention of the AFI in modifying the "crime scene" lies, deceive and pressuring the victims to incriminate individuals without  having the certainty. The patron of this case is very much similar of the other cases that Anabel Hernández exposes in her book.

To read the full article (in Spanish).

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