A man arrested on Tuesday has hit the Indian headlines as "the Josef Fritzl of Mumbai". Under the watch of his wife, the businessman raped his teenage daughter for nine years, apparently following orders from a tantric.

Published by Sakaaltimes.

One of our Indian Observers, Arnab Das alerted us to this story.

Businessman Kishore Chava is from a relatively wealthy area around 50 km from Mumbai. He was arrested after his 21-year-old daughter, who he had been sexually abusing since 2000, broke her silence about her ordeal. She decided to confide in her grandmother (on her mother's side) after her father began targeting her younger sister, who is 15.

The police also arrested a practitioner of black magic, Hasmukh Rathod, and the wife of the rapist. According to The Times of India, the guru advised the father that raping his daughter would make him rich. The tantric also regularly abused the girl.  

The story is clearly different from that of Josef Fritzl, who has just been sentenced to life imprisonment in a psychiatric institution for having imprisoned and raped his daughter for 24 years. But as long as the Austrian trial dominates international headlines, the Indian press will talk of their own "Fritzl", who is both fascinating and revolting the country.

A Times Now report