Playing tennis without a racket, scuba-diving without water or even playing video games without a console... All these things are possible thanks to a new concept called "air gaming".

It's going down a storm on video sharing sites. Which is good news for the people behind the project... who happen to be a marketing agency from Paris.

"When we thought up the idea of scuba-diving, we found it hilarious"

Muriel Huster is a former professional photographer and creator of "Apnée Défense", a scuba-gaming video that takes place in a lift.

When I found out about the competition I thought the idea was absolutely brilliant. I already knew of air guitar but with air gaming there's loads more to do. At first we wanted to use a group sport, after we'd seen the rugby version, but it was too complicated. When we thought up the idea of scuba-diving, we found it hilarious. We needed a lift that took a long time so we went to the business district of Paris one afternoon with a wetsuit and a peg. We filmed it with a digital camera, in 30 minutes, with the security guards watching us. It was so funny!"


Deep-sea diving at la Défense, Paris:

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"Success! Now we're working on the next project"

Guillaume Oudenot is the director of Pop of the Coma, the agency who invented the concept.

Sony Ericsson asked us to come up with a way to promote their new phone which is fitted with the 'Motion Sensor' function - it senses movement made with the phone. The problem was that technologically it had already been done with Nintendo's Wii. So we were inspired to do a promotion using the phone for air guitar. We set up an air gaming federation and a contest, and in response, we got 70 decent videos, which was much more than we expected. Success! Now we're working on the next project - 'Air Football' for FIFA 2009."

"Air gaming" takes off

Air rugby in front of Notre Dame

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Fishing outside Sacré-Coeur

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Air Tennis at Disneyland

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Air ping-pong

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