This year's race to the White House has seen the most aggressive and expensive election campaigns in history, with video clips taking shape as the best weapons.

Egged on by each other, it was soon established that the initial frontrunners (Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, John Edwards, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney) would be fighting their causes, and criticising those of their opponents, by summoning up topical, funny, and convincing video clips in record times. Largely distributed online, the clips became an all-encompassing means of persuasion for candidates desperate to get into the White House. If you think John McCain's 320 videos is a lot, it's nothing on Barack Obama's 1820. So it's no wonder that despite over 18 months of bombardment, we're still discovering some gems in the catfight treasure trove. Here's our selection of the best...

The infamous "3am call"

And finally, possibly the most famous video of the campaign. Posted 29 Feb. 08.

Don't tell the babies where babies come from

McCain didn't agree with Obama's stance on teaching young children about sew education. Posted 9 Oct. 08.

Hair IS important!

This video followed criticisms that John Edwards spent too much money on his hair.Posted 23 July 07.

Don't send my baby to war John McCain

Video by, a pro-democracy organisation which endorsed Obama in the 2008 election. Posted 17 June 08.

The magic floating crucifix

Posted 17 Dec. 07. Critics accused Huckabee of using subliminal religious iconography.