One of the favorite targets of the left in recent years has been Karl Rove, mastermind of the George W. Bush election machine. While his role in helping Bush to the White House earned him nicknames like "The Brain" and "The Architect" among supporters, on the other side of the aisle, some of his nicknames aren't printable.

This week, the liberal women's protest group Code Pink repeatedly disrupted an event he was attending. The biggest moment came when a Code Pink member approached him on stage - and tried to arrest him:

As you can see, Rove would not make eye contact with the woman, and when she brought her hand to his, he slapped it away as she was taken off the stage by security.

The organization identified the woman as Janine Boneparth, and said she was trying to perform a citizen's arrest on Rove for ''treason.'' Five Code Pink members were removed from the hall, but the group says none of them were charged.

Rove has been trying to remake himself as an observer/analyst for the campaign of John McCain, and one no longer tied to the White House, at least not directly. Ironically, he and some of his opponents seem to have two things in common: he thinks Obama is winning by landslide margins and doesn't seem to like Sarah Palin much, at least as a candidate.

Right now, Rove is giving Obama 313 electoral votes based on his analysis of current polls. That's far more than the 270 needed to win the presidency. What's more, he gives Obama a slim lead in every state he considers a toss-up right - 54 more electoral votes.

Rove also apparently worked behind the scenes against Sarah Palin as McCain made his choice for the vice presidency. He believed McCain's former rival, Mitt Romney, would have been a better pick, according to reports.

Rove has been an especially favorite target of Code Pink. While the group has disrupted many functions, they've gone after Rove repeatedly. Here they are shouting at him as he enters a CNN building earlier this year:

And here they are just last week, protesting outside an event where Rove was a guest:

So what's next for the anti-war group? Whatever it is, it will probably be disruptive... and probably also be on TV soon.