Palin Doodles 1

A document from Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's past may be coming back to haunt her - just not in the way you'd might expect.

Usually, embarrassing papers from a politician's past involve unusual policy positions, or memberships in questionable organizations. But in this case, some doodles Palin apparently drew while running for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska are coming under the sort of scrutiny usually reserved for legislative minutiae.

Noam Sheiber, a journalist for the liberal New Republic, found the doodles during a recent trip to Wasilla.

"I stumbled across it at the home of Laura Chase, a former colleague of Palin's on the Wasilla city council who later managed her first race for mayor," he writes on The New Republic's blog.

"Toward the end of our interview, Chase brought out a box of odds and ends she'd saved from that campaign and emptied it onto her kitchen table. Buried in the pile of material were various pictures, mailings, correspondences, newspaper clippings - and this page of doodling," Scheiber writes. "Chase didn't remember a ton about it, but did tell me it had been written on the back of a budget document, which (she seemed to think) had been distributed at a Wasilla city council meeting."

Sheiber has since added that he is surprised by the scrutiny the doodles have come under.

On the doodles, Palin practiced writing her name, perhaps in the style it might appear on a campaign poster.
She also included some thoughts on slogans, such as "Time for a change," and, somewhat paradoxically, "part of the bureaucracy!"

She also listed some of her qualifications, such as her lifelong residency in Alaska (Palin was born in Idaho, but her family moved when she was an infant):

Palin Doodle 2

Palin also offered up part of her platform, such as opposition to then-mayor John Stein's proposed pay increase, getting young people involved and offering Wasilla a "conservative choice."

Palin Doodles 3

According to Schieber, Chase turned Palin's thoughts and doodles into campaign literature, such as this brochure and a calling card:

Palin Card Front

Palin Card Reverse