All in good humour, a soldier wrote and recorded a parody of Eminem's "Stan" - this time about daily life in the Russian army. In doing so, he managed to win himself a one-way ticket to Russia's far eastern wastelands.

A story of low wages, high mortgage rates and ramshackle barracks - the rap cover is Lieutenant Vitaly Efremov's  complaint to the Russian defence minister, Anatoly Serdyakov, and then post it on RuTube. At the end of the rap, he explains how disappointed he was not to have received a reply from the minister. But not so fast! The response finally arrived: Efremov would be transferred, he was informed, to Ussuriysk, a far-flung town in the eastern wilderness of Russia.

Still, there are no words of condolence in the Russian blogosphere - in fact the majority of bloggers think that an even harsher punishment should have been doled out to the "snivelling cry-baby".

For those who don't know the original song, Eminem takes on the role of one of his fans, Stan, who writes to him about his problems. The idol doesn't write back, and Stan finally commits suicide.


Translated and subtitled by one of our Russian-speaking Observers.
Russia /  rap /  army