The latest case of negative campaigning from McCain's election team has done the Republican candidate no favours. His comparing Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton has been met with ridicule by Web users, leaving the public wondering if Britney and John would make the ultimate dream ticket...

"Celeb" was added by the McCain campaign team on July 30.

"He's the biggest celebrity in the world," the campaign ad says. Even Britney Spears and Paris Hilton seem obsolete next to the Democratic star, adored the world over. But "Is he ready to lead?" We certainly wouldn't let Britney or Paris into the White House...

The problem is, whether Britney or Paris would be let into the White House is considered somewhat irrelevant by many American Web users. Especially since Spears and Hilton are known for their Republican - rather than Democratic - inclinations. As soon as it was put online, the video found itself torn apart by satirical Democrat supporters, who were more than happy, as always, to make a mockery of McCain.

UPDATE (6 August 08): Paris Hilton has replied to McCain with a video, posted on YouTube on Wednesday. She says that after appearing in the video of "that wrinkly white haired guy", she's decided to enter the race to the White House herself. (Watch the video)

Obama attacks? "Well I, er, first of all, the first que- I think you said why am I – oh, oh"

This video was filmed at a press conference in Florida, on Friday and posted by "jedreport", August 3.

The reporter asks McCain: "Can you explain why you and your campaign manager specifically said that Obama played the race card (...) and can you elaborate when you said that you fought for equal rights for your entire life, what specifically you've done improving the lives of African Americans?"

McCain responds: "Well I, er, first of all, the first que- I think you said why am I - oh, oh."

Britney Spears McCain’s running mate?


Posted on Barely Political August 2.


"The only way McCain can energize those people is to copy Bush's tactics"

Dana Blankenhorn is a writer and blogger from Atlanta, Georgia. He runs the blog Dana Blakenhorn and the War Against Oil.


McCain's only hope (...) is to run a Karl Rove [Bush's former fierce chief of staff] campaign, appealing directly to prejudice, fear and painting Democrats as evil. That's how W [George W. Bush] gained and kept power. (...) The irony, of course, is the latest ad targets Republicans. Paris Hilton's family has given big to McCain. Britney Spears is on record as being a loyal Bushie. (...)

The Republican Party, still, is the party of George W. Bush. Despite the fact that independents and Democrats despise him, George W. Bush is a beloved figure among hard-core Republicans. He just is. And the only way McCain can energize those people is to copy Bush's tactics - he's done everything else to suck up to Bush, without success.

So that's what he has done. He has hired a bunch of Rove protégés who take their orders directly from the master, and he's running the 2000, 2002 and 2004 campaigns all over again. It doesn't matter that he promised a month ago not to. Rove's tactics have at least given him a fair shake with the daily news spin. He appears to be on offense, his opponent on defense, and with Republican activists that's what counts."

"There’s only one candidate desperate enough…"

From Chris Cox's ButterTV, July 31.