Oliver Stone has dedicated his latest film to the rise of the Bush family ugly duckling, George W. Three months before the film comes out, the trailer for "W" has already received over 400,000 hits in less than 48 hours. Stone is planning to release the film on 17 October, just three weeks before the American presidential election. Controversial?

Stone never made a point of hiding his dislike for the Bush administration, especially when it came to politics. He insists however that he'll tackle the subject in the same manner as the biographies he's done until now, and denies trying to influence November's election. He told the press that he just wanted to find out "how did Bush go from an alcoholic bum to the most powerful figure in the world?"

Arriving in the midst of the presidential campaign, the film has attracted plenty of criticism for its supposed intentions, on both sides of political America. While some worry that the film will create sympathy for the president, others say that its sole purpose is to bring down the Republican Party in time for 4 November.

A webuser's parody of the film

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"George and Laura" on the cover of Entertainment Weekly

"In 150 years he’ll be one of the top five presidents"

Alec Dale is a Bush supporter. He designed and sells t-shirts with the slogan "They Hated Lincoln More". He believes that Bush will become one of the country's most loved presidents in the future.

This movie's not going to have any affect at all. Four years ago there was a movie about a female senator who had a lesbian affair at college. The entire country ignored it. And Stone's 9/11 movie didn't do well either. The opening, if Stone's lucky, will gross 12m. If he's unlucky, it will be three.

In 150 years Bush will be one of the top five presidents. That's why I made the t-shirts [They Hated Lincoln More]. It's as funny as hell to walk through New York with it on. We have a very open-ended Democrat debate here, while Republicans just sit there silently.

Stone does great movies. I'll probably love it in five years. But who cares about this issue now? George Bush obviously did take coke and he did drink a lot. As Larry Kudlow said, Bush is the most successful recovering alcoholic in the history of America. However, the election is between Barack Obama and John McCain; nobody's running against Bush. Bush and McCain are political rivals! They fought bitterly against each other four years ago - there's no point in trying to pair them. Lincoln was in rehab too. Is Obama running against him?"


The t-shirt that Alec designed and sells in New York.


The "W" trailer

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The official teaser poster