The suspicious part of the Red Cliff poster on the left and the original shot from 300 on the right.

Hong Kong director John Woo has created the most expensive film in the history of Chinese cinematography. So why couldn't "Red Cliff" afford its own poster? Chinese web users say that the central image used in the picture is actually a shot stolen from the 1997 film "300".

Jack Snyder's "300" tells the tale of the epic Battle of Thermopylae, 480 BC, between the Spartans and the Persians. "Red Cliff" on the other hand, is based on events that took place some 1,700 years ago in China's ancient Three Kingdoms period. But the poster's designers didn't seem to worry themselves over these historic particulars, nor the royalties held by the original artist. Maybe they should have. As the film was released a few days ago in China, plagiarism allegations had just been filed.

The alleged plagiarism

The official Red Cliff poster for the film's release in China 10 July 08.


Image posted on Chine Nouvelle.

Close up of the Red Cliff poster.


Image posted on Chine Nouvelle.

Screenshot from Jack Snyder's 300.