The relations were tense this week between the West and Iran, suspected of trying to obtain nuclear arms. The Islamic Republic's recent missile tests are a new stage in its bid for power. But not all went as planned for the organisers of the nuclear trials, well-covered by the media. They then decided to embellish their powerful image.

Doctored photo, picked up by the entire world

  Doctored picture. © AFP via Sepah

© AP


Front page of "Kayhan"

"Fake news is Kayhan’s speciality "

The doctoring of photos and of facts is widely practiced in the powerful Iranian media, according to RezaMoini.

Kayhan is a major conservative daily. More importantly, it's a medium for propaganda for the powerful. It maintains close ties to Iranian security services and follows the Islamic platform of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Kayhan has no credibility. As a side note, the head of the newspaper is none other than the former chief of interrogation for Evin, Tehran's largest prison."