In the Group D, Spain is already qualified with 6 points. One ticket for the quarter finals is still open, and Sweden and Russia will fight for it.

'We have a real chance to win'

"I believe that we have a real chance to win. We demonstrated good football in the game against Greece, and the Swedes do not seem unbeatable. It's a powerful, tough team, which plays close, athletic football.

It has world-class stars: Ibrahimović, Larsson, Ljungberg. Of course, it's a strong team, but not as strong as the Spanish. Our team can win, if we organize our game along proper tactical lines, and if everybody plays with total commitment. As for the game itself, I think it will be similar to the previous game with Greece. Russia will attack, and Sweden will try to use our possible mistakes and counter-attack."

'If Russia doesn't go to the quarter-finals it's unlikely Guus Hiddink will stay until the World Cup'

This championship is the first when the Russian national football team has been coached by a foreigner. Not everybody, particularly in the national football establishment, thought that the country should trust a person from abroad with its main sports squad.

But Russia hadn't advanced to either Euro or WorldCup playoffs since 1990, so the "patriots" lost the battle. Now, if Guus Hiddink doesn't succeed in leading Russia to the quarter-finals, the opinion that the Russian team needs a Russian coach will receive a serious boost. Russian football bureaucrats are notorious for their short temper, and it seems unlikely that the Dutch coach will have a chance to stay until the next World Cup."