Spain faces Sweden in a crucial Group D match on Saturday. The winner will seal a spot in the quarter-finals. Both teams performed brilliantly in their opening matches: Spain thrashed Russia 4-1 while Sweden defeated defending champions Greece 2-0.

"Tonight will be like any other night"

Kalle Eskner is our Observer from Sweden. For him today should be a perfect day....


I look back to the 2006 october game against Spain and smile. As always back then Spain was the favourite but Sweden stroke back. What we need to do today is to remain solid in midfield and defense. Not letting anyone break through. Especially Torres or Villa. This is very important! Also Isaksson needs to have a perfect day. Spain's midfielders will attempt a lot of shots against Isaksson.

But today should be a perfect day. Of course Spain, on paper, is a better team. But history tells the opposite. Spain as always will fail once again. Tonight's game will be even. I think 1-1 is good enough for both teams. The magic will contiune..."

Swedish fans in Austria

Posted by Macke132 on 14 June