The self-proclaimed autonomy of Kosovo angered many Russians, not least these young dramatists who blame the move on the US, who according to them is responsible for selling the country to the grim reaper.

"The USA in 2025"

One Russian blogger says that the move will act as a precedent for other regions.

Posted by 'hren_vam_5raz' , 18 Feb. 2008.


“If Kosovo can, why can’t Abkhazia?”

Comment from George, A refugee from Abkhazia currently living in Tbilisi, Georgia. See his blog.

You can talk all you want about the special circumstances of the case in Kosovo, but it will still serve as a precedent for many other regions. If Kosovo can, why can't Abkhazia? (...) Both Kosovo and Abkhazia went through ethnic cleansing of their original populations. Serbs fled from Kosovo, Georgians fled from Abkhazia. Both regions are currently populated by Albanians and Abkhazians, respectively. The main difference is population size. Kosovo has two million inhabitants while Abkhazia has 200,000. After receiving its de-facto independence Kosovo was governed by the United Nations, with UN police of various nationalities including Russians. Abkhazia had nothing of the sort..."

“Serbia’s sons and grandsons won't be very happy that the heart of Serbia is in Kosovo”

Comment from Pyotr Romanov, a political observer for the Russian news agency RIA Novosti. See his blog.

Once the novelty wears off, Kosovars will think twice about their "independence". (...) If the current accusations over breaches of international law hold true, there could be tragic consequences. Balkan conflicts have the tendency to smoulder for centuries. Nobody knows when the fire will truly ignite, and with what result. Today's Serbia may fire up and cool down again, but its sons and grandsons will be very unhappy to find that the heart of Serbia is in Kosovo. There are no guarantees that the world will not have to realign its borders once again after this."

"Serbia, struggle for Kosovo!"


A pro-Kremlin group of dramatists from the movement ‘Young Russia' staged a powerful performance in front of the Serbian embassy in Moscow on Sunday afternoon in "support of Serbia". The group explained that Kosovo's independence was illegal and only manageable through the immoral support of the USA and European countries. The group took a minute's silence and left flowers by the embassy for all the victims that they believe will die at war. Participants were given a band with the inscription "I am for an undividable Serbia!"



Maksim Mischenko, head of ‘Rossiya Molodaya' (‘Young Russia'), begins the show asking Kosovars "Why are you tearing away from this land?" The crowd then chants ‘Serbia we are with you!". A padlocked box is dragged centre stage by American soldiers, which is chain-sawed open by Condoleezza Rice. Out leaps the grim reaper who, much excited to be finally let free, is offered the world by the American soldiers, which he soon devours. Bystanders then mourn the world, while Maksim continues to relay the message to the audience that "NO to the genocide of Serbs!"

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