The American military in Iraq released five videos this week which they say show Iraqi children being trained by al Qaeda to capture civilians and to use weapons. The American army, which seized the material during an operation against al-Qaeda in Khan Bani Saad, north Baghdad, says that the videos are being used for propaganda and to recruit young people. Our Observer for Iraq, ‘Treasure of Baghdad’, was shocked by the videos. Here is his reaction.

"What's left of Iraq now?"

Commentary from our Observer ‘Treasure of Baghdad', an Iraqi student who has been living in Philadelphia, (U.S), since 2006.

I really can't believe what I've just seen. This is madness. All the children are Iraqi and the trainers are too. I can tell from their accents.

Some of the moves look similar to al Qaeda's but the rest looks more like a military training. I think most of those trainers are members of the disbanded Iraqi army who have decided to take revenge. God! What's left of Iraq now? The entire youth generation is going down. For the country to ever get back to how it was before would mean getting rid of this entire generation. They're already destroyed! They can't see anything beyond death, bombs, warplanes, helicopters, dead and wounded bodies, shootings, beheadings etc... It's been five years since the war started. It's been five damned years and all Iraqis have seen is destruction, segregation and hatred. What's the government doing? Changing the flag? These kids who are being trained will someday become terrorists and destroy any peaceful thing in front of them. And you know what? It's not only al-Qaeda who we should blame for that."

One of the training videos